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Part 6 : A New Yearning  


Through the few months working with HIV children in the orphanage, I realised the importance of the physical touch. I observed many volunteers keeping a distance for the fear of being accidentally infected by the HIV kids.

I remembered whenever I held the hands of the HIV children, they would look at me and gently smile. Its like they have found someone who will accept them for who they are. That simple gesture of holding their hands means so much.

Slowly I learnt that it is the actions which speaks louder than words. A simple sincere hug trancends language, race and cultural barriers. In my heart grew a yearning to reach these groups that have been marginalised, groups that others will not want to reach due to the stigma involved.

Volunteers stay away from the HIV children for fear. I attempt to draw near to bring hope.
Some religious people keep their distance from the prostitutes/drug addicts and likes. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, a chance to change and lead a new life.

Towards the last week of the stay at the orphanage, I was asked if I wanted to help to drive to a refugee camp. I reluctantly agreed, feeling a sense of attachment and wanting to spend more time with the HIV children.

But I decided to channel my effort to where its needed the most and there I went. It was this short 3 day trip that put a new yearning in my heart.

What next?

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