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Part 3 : Letter On The Table  


Through the nights of tears and deep reflection, I found a new direction in my life. Things took an exciting turn from there.

Returning to Singapore, I finally mustered my courage apply the brakes on this relentless rat race of life. I walked up to my boss's office and tendered my resignation. It was not an easy task. My bosses all urged me to reconsider, but I had to politely decline.

From the time where the resignation paper was on the table till the final release, it took about 2-3 months. But the beautiful part about workaholics ? I had accumulated 42 days of annual leave.

So there I was having the headache of having to decide on how to use up the 42 days of annual leave. Not knowing that the decisions that follow, will bring me on a roller coaster ride.

What next?

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