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Part 1 : The Uneducated Man  


I was doing well by all standards while I was with the Armed Forces, earning letter of commendation for life saving, medals and was entrusted various critical development projects.

I committed my entire life to my work - working late into the nights and weekends. Unknowingly, I was on a spiral on the deadly rat race of life, where material gain took center place in my life.
It all suddenly took a crashing stop when I took a short holiday in the mountain ranges of Berastagi, Indonesia.
I met Erwin, who became my friend and mountain guide in my expedition. Walking with Erwin, he spoke about how beautiful nature is, the mountains, the trees, the streams etc etc. As I looked around, it was nothing impressive. I've traveled extensively and it can hardly compare to the beauty I've seen.

The trees looked just like the stuff you get in Pulau Ubin and its hardly attractive.... not to mention beautiful. In my mind, all I wanted was to reach the mountain top... nothing else.... nothing else mattered apart from the goal.

As we walked on, Erwin wearing his oversized jacket and tattered shoes revealed to me that he chose this mountain guiding job because he LOVED it - Even if it means that he does not get a whole lot of money from it.

I was simply taken aback.

Taken aback because Erwin could speak English and this translated to higher employability anywhere in that area. Not to mention the pay would be attractive as well.

Why would a man choose a more strenuous job and give up material wealth ? This just did not make any sense.

What next?

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