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Streetkids : A week of turmoil  


This week has been rather challenging-with Chaan(david) leaving the program. Its a mixture of emptiness as well as grief.

As we sat there explaining to Chaan's grandmother the reason which Chaan left, the granmother quietly nodded, maintaining a strong front. Towards the end, we offered to pray with her and there she broke down and started sobbing. Between sobs, she told us "Thank you, thank you so much for helping my grandson. No one loved him, but you guys sheltered and cared for him. Chaan did not cherish the opportunity given him"

It was heart wrenching.

Just 2 days after departure of Chaan(David), it was mother's day(thailand) and just as my staff was coming to terms with having one less child, another two of our streetkids (Chay and Lieng) followed suit, wanting to be like Chaan.

We allowed the boys to return home as they mentioned that they wanted to spend mother's day (Thai : 12 Aug) at home. Instead these boys went missing for 2 days and did not return home.

Just last evening the two boys returned and we had a word with their guardians/parents. Lieng's grandmother came as well and we explained to them the situation. The grandmother broke into tears, speaking to Lieng between sobs. Tears welled up in the little boy's eyes and the brother who sat far away started to weep as well.

This is what the grandmother said "...my grandson, the doctor has told me to eat whatever I wish from now and not keep too much savings. He tells me that I have only a few years to go. What little I have, I chose to spend it on you. I want you to be happy and have a future, not like me who lived my whole life poor. I will not live to see you graduate, but study hard. I love you.."

What next?

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