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Streetkids : A Longan Story  


For all my regular readers who are familiar with the streetkids program would know about a boy named David. Famous or rather infamous for his rebellious "heck-care" attitude.

This kid has been with us since the start of the program and has been one of the most hardened cases we have encountered. Today, a relative of his came by and gave him a small bunch of longan and if you know the streetkids, they would be the first to gobble it up leaving the stems behind.

Just after dinner I headed up to my office to finish some work and then i heard footsteps coming up. It was David the "ah beng" of the group, swaggering up the stairs, walked right into the office with a ganstery sway. He looked at me and pulled out a bunch of longans which he kept hidden. He took the bunch of longans and placed them on my desk, without saying a word. He swaggered down the stairs.

It was hillarious and yet touching to see a hardened boy do the sweetest thing out of his own heart. I guess we are really starting to see fruits from our sustained efforts (excuse the pun).

What next?

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