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He will provide  


People have always asked me, how long do you intend to do this (referring to our outreaches and stuff). And I've always replied the same thing - As long as God provides.

You see, we have over 500 supporters who have assisted us in one way or another. Be it prayer, manpower, financially etc etc. Among our financial supporters, most are "one-time" givers but the reality on the ground is that our operations are not "one time" but continuous - 24/7.

The most faith stretching moments are times when we look at the monthly expenses and compare it with the bank reserves ! And what makes it worse ? We continuously spearhead new outreach projects in new grounds, and this depletes the bank reserves further.

Sometime back, I was having lunch with 2 bible college students who are both very established businessmen. I was asked about our outreach expenses and they looked very concerned and asked "So Eugene, for sure one day the bank will dry out right?". I looked at their petrified faces and said, "Yeah, it was due to run dry sometime 9 months back, but it hasn't run dry till today !"

You see, I believe in God. I believe He provides.

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