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Streetkids : Minus 1  


Last night, David informed us that he would be pulling out from the STREETKIDS! program. It was rather difficult evening as it was terribly difficult to let this kid go, after all we have been through.

Now, what happened was this. Last week, David was given special permission to go out for 1 hour (as per curfew) but he failed to return for the entire night. Just after 2 days, he sneaked out in the morning breaking curfew. In the evening, special permission was given to him and he broke our trust again.

I guess the temptation is too great for him outside and he feels caged up with the 1 hour free time. Especially with his friends coming by and chiding him to join them.

Last evening, I sat down with him for more than 1 hour and I told him that he has to decide for himself what he really wants in life. I cannot force him to stay, but I told him that he is always free to come back when he is ready to join the program again.

My work.

For my Christian friends, do pray for this little boy.

What next?

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