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Difficult Decisions  


Over the last couple of weeks was one of difficult decisions.

We have 2 elderly ladies who came over to our office to ask if we can take her child into the streetkids program. She is old, poor and not able to control her child anymore. This elderly lady's eyes welled with tears and pleaded for us take him in.

As I sat there, torn between helping this lady and helping the others who are more needy then her. I struggled for sometime before gently refusing her telling her that we only accept children who have no one to care for them or ones which have been abandoned by society.

As the news was translated by my staff, both the elderly ladies eyes filled with tears and smiled gently back as if to say "thank you for taking time to speak to us"

Every week, we have many parents coming in to our office, asking for assistance. As much as I would like to help everyone, we need to keep our major priorities our focus.

What next?

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