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Streetkids : A heartbreaking work  


Allow me to divert away from the normal happy stories and instead write about some challenges we face on the ground.

We have a total of 11 children on the streetkids program, of which 6 of them come from substance abuse backgrounds (Mainly glue sniffing).

The rehabilitation has been successful for all the kids but one of our boys is still struggling to kick the habit. For close to 3 months, he stayed clean from glue sniffing and he was almost breaking the habit. And just last week, he fell back into glue sniffing.

I do not know if you understand how it feels when your entire team pours their hearts and souls into helping a person change and when we are so close to success, we need to go back to square one.

I remembered that when I took out the cane to punish the kid, I was not angry at the kid. In my heart was this heavy disappointment and with every stroke of the cane, my heart broke.

For those who think my work with these lives are easy, it is not.

Through all the challenges and heartbreaks, I look toward a not so far future where these streetkids will become change-makers- doctors, teachers, pastors, leaders etc etc.

And I dream of the day that when these streetkids grow up and tell their children in turn that it was a bunch of crazy people who came and gave them hope when the world gives up hope on them.

What next?

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