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RADION : We need a new truck  


Allow me to be upfront with my request and I'll explain the necessity subsequently.

I'm hoping to raise funding for a second truck which will cost about SGD22,000.

Let me now explain. We have been operating on slim overheads since we have started have been relying on an old Mitsubishi 16 year old truck for everything.... when i wrote everything.. its really it.

We use it to :
- fetch streetkids to school
- village food distribution missions
- long distance fact finding missions (> 300km)
- outreaches
- Logistics shuttle
- and many many more.

Many times, as much as we like try to deconflict schedules, instances of us ending up borrowing truck from our staff's family to fetch children are getting more frequent, thus the pressing need.

We are not asking to buy a spanking new car, but just a decent second hand 4WD truck which we can use in our operations.

To pool in funds to buy this truck, you can make your cheques payble to RADION International. designate "Outreach Truck" on the reverse with your name and contact and drop it in any OCBC Cheque deposit box. Alternatively, you can send them to the below mentioned address so we can acknowledge your contribution accordingly.

RADION International
Singapore Post Centre Post Office
PO Box 053
Singapore 914002

Your contribution will be that bridge to help us reach that someone in need.

What next?

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