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Pioneer Outreach At Nong Khai IDC  


Tomorrow, we'll be heading north east to the border town of Nong Khai. This is the town which 155 Hmong refugees are being held indefinitely at the immigration detention center.

These refugees are normally given about 1 hour per day of "walking time" where they can walk around the compounds for that period. After which they would have to return to 2 small overcrowded rooms to spend the remaining 23 hours.

This round we have managed to obtain permission to conduct a small MILK! mission in the compounds and the commander has given us a 2 hour timeslot.

So do keep us in prayers :)

A 5-6 hour drive

*Mistake, it should be 2 hours of walking time instead of 1 hour. The authorities we spoke to mentioned that they are permitted 4 hours each day. We are checking on this discrepancy.

What next?

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