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Meeting With UNHCR  


This is a short summary of the 2 hour meeting we had with UNHCR in Bangkok.

After the meeting with UNHCR, we are encouraged by their continual resolve to assist Hmong refugees and are constantly looking for ways to assist the 3 communities (Phetchabun refugee camp, Nong Khai detention centre and Site X).

They too have voiced that the Thai government has formally informed UNHCR that Thailand will be doing a screening process for the Hmongs as such, UNHCR has been denied access to the Hmong population at Huay Nam Khao (Phetchabun)

We are currently in discussions with UNHCR on a collaborative project to assist the Hmongs in both Nong Khai as well as Site X. On RADION's end, we are sending our lawyer to Nong Khai next week to negotiate with the immigration on the areas of collaboration.

What next?

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