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Nong Khai IDC :1st MILK!  


The MILK! outreach has been smooth-sailing. From the short clearance meeting with the immigration authorities to the food distribution, all is well. This outreach marks the 1st of our official outreach to these 155 Hmong refugees residing in the IDC.

For those who are not familiar, this IDC is normally closed to outsiders and its access is not easily granted due to the political sensitivity of this group of refugees.

During our fact finding trip last month, the refugees reflected to us that the food rations as well as milk was insufficient (especially for those 2 year children).

RADION rolled into action by initiating a MILK! mission in the IDC. In line with their need, we distributed cartons of noodles, milk as well as biscuits to augment their diets.

We will be planning towards a regular outreach in the area to focus on basic education and food augmentation. Limited pictures due to sensitivity. Will update shortly.

What next?

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