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Streetkids : Sponsor Chaan  


Chaan is 13 years old but has been sniffing glue for more then a year. Now he is undergoing counseling and rehabilitation care with us.

Among all the streetkids, Chaan is probably the one who needs the most direction and guidance. Behind a strong and brave front lies a troubled boy who struggles to find acceptance after his family nucleus broke down. Many times during mass outings, he would sit all alone, think and tear.

He ran away from home and school several times when he feels hurt.

Among the streetkids, Chaan struck me the most because I see a life which is desperately searching for direction. Chaan has much potential for change, but he would need a lot of guidance and care.

To sponsor Chaan cost just SGD78/month. Please drop me an email at eugene@radion-international.org if you wish to help this kid.

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