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Radion : Shophouse Update  


I arrived Phetchabun close to 9pm last evening, it was a heart-warming just to hear the streetkids cheering (even with my windows up) when my truck rolled to a stop at the shophouse. All these boys ran out and gave me hugs which was totally unexpected.

Today over lunch, Chaan asked me. "Pii Eugene, do I have a sponsor ? I would like to go to school"
I told him that I wanted to discuss the matter further with him before I commit to getting him a sponsor.

For my new readers, Chaan is an existing glue addict and he is struggling to kick the habbit as well. I love that boy not because he is a glue addict, but what I imagine this boy can potentially be.

I looked into his eyes and i see rejection, sadness and a broken kid hiding behind a facade. I want to help him but he needs to help himself first.

Today, he asked me again if he could go to school so I asked him, will he commit to the program. He said yes.

So now, I'm looking for one sponsor for this Chaan. Details to follow in the next post.

What next?

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