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Streetkids : 1st Day Of School  


This morning, Chaan came to the shophouse. (Chaan is our boy who is struggling to commit to the streetkids program) and he saw all the rest of kids in uniform, happily getting ready to go to school.

I was told by my staff that he just sat there quietly and they could see that he felt left out. Some children were asking my staff why is Chaan not going to school, we told them to give Chaan time to decide, once he decides to go to school he just needs to tell us. And we'll find a sponsor for him.

Many of you will think that we should have just enrolled him into school and "strongly encourage" him to school. But we think otherwise. We can force him to go to school, but we cannot force him to stay in school.

So this week, I'll be trying to squeeze some time to sit on the bridge with him and see if he is ready to re-attempt school.

What next?

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