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Streetkids : Found !  


Today I just received another great news.

You guys remember the boy which we featured in our previous newsletter ? The one who was abused by his parents and slammed against a wall till his face was bruised ?

Yes. After the outing, we tried unsuccessfully to locate him as his whereabouts are unknown which was terribly worrying.

Today we managed to locate him and this is what we found out.

This mysterious boy's name is Meng and he comes from a broken family. After his family broke up, his mother turned to alcohol and would abuse him physically when she is drunk (This is our first instance of a mother having an alcohol problem)

In fact, Meng was left under the care of his auntie and he has not been going to school for the last 2 years. We have spoken to the relatives and now Meng has just been put under the Streetkids program to help him get back to school.

What next?

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