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Just arrived home :)  


I've just got back to Singapore after a tiring 15hour bus/taxi/flight journey from Phetchabun back to Singapore.

Some quick updates.
1 ) Songkran 2009 is still open for registration. The price is at SGD800 instead of SGD900 due to the unavailability of better accommodation. So if you plan to jump on this trip, be prepared to rough it out with us in fanned cool bunks :)

2 ) Streetkids Sponsorship - Nong Kut will be without a sponsor from next month onwards. If you would like to sponsor him, please drop me a mail. (I'll write a little more about him in the next few days). 2-3 more kids are scheduled to join the streetkids program :)

3 ) Sponsors For StreetKids! - All streetkids sponsors should be receiving a mail from their sponsored children this month.

4 ) Community Development Project - There are a couple of needy families requiring assistance and have asked us if we have jobs available for them. I'll be blogging more about this shortly as well.

5 ) Meetings & Scheduling - I will be only available from 30 onwards and I'll be returning on 16th Apr to Thailand. If you would like me to brief your groups or organisation on our programmes, please contact me to reserve a slot. Thanks. eugene@radion-international.org

What next?

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