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Hmong Lao : Food Supply Cut  


Hmong food supply cut

The Thai military blocked food supplies over the weekend to a Hmong refugee camp in an apparent effort to force the 5,400 “illegal immigrants” to return to Laos.
On Friday, the military prevented Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) from delivering food supplies to Ban Huay Nam Khao camp in Phetchabun province, 250 km north-east of Bangkok.
Hmong leader Lee Sue has reportedly called on Thailand’s National Human Rights Commission to investigate the military’s conduct.
The Thai military reportedly cut off food supplies to punish the Hmong camp inmates for refusing to be counted, seen by some Hmong as a first step towards forced repatriation to Laos. DPA

-Source Today Newspaper/TodayOnline.com

Note : Sources indicates that the Thai military was conducting a headcount during the food distribution by MSF. The refugees refused the headcount as it is seen as a step towards their forced repatriation. A few groups resisted the headcount.

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