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Distribution To Destitute Students  


Khek Noi Public School is the first benificiary of Project Lives! shipment. With the school's assistance, we shortlisted a total of 473 needy pupils from destitute backgrounds. The school generously offered the assistance of all the teachers in our distribution project.

The goodie bag items :
- Shampoo & Conditioner & Moisturisers (Crabtree & Evelyn)
- 2 X Soap
- 1 X Toothbrush (Public collection & Habitat For Humanity)
- 1 X Toothpaste (Public collection & Habitat For Humanity)
- 1 X Towel
- 1 X Sling Bag from Starhub

Arrival at the school compounds

The students getting into line with the form teacher's assistance

A total of 473 bags were distributed.
(Some students could not make it for the photo session due to the exam period)

The happy faces

What next?

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