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Refugees @ Site 2  


As the location of these refugees are sensitive. I'll just name the place as Site 2.

When i arrived, I was greeted by the leaders and that was not the part that stirred me. What stirred me was the act of one single man.

A man in his early 30s went out to a nearby provision shop and purchased bottled water for our team. Now each bottle is worth 7Baht and Singaporeans will not even have to blink an eye to fork out that sum. But this man was an asylum seeker which just arrived, he had hardly enough to feed his family.

But when we arrived, he just took the little he had and bought our team these bottles of water. He walked all the way from an other village when he heard that we are Christians. I insisted that we paid for the drinks and i took out the money. But this man simply refused.

He just said "What kind of Christian will I be if you can come all the way and I cannot even buy you a drink."

Now, how many of us can actually take half your day's wage to buy a stranger a something. Just with the gesture alone, i feel compelled to try my best to assist that community as a whole.

What next?

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