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How Do You Out Give ?  


Among all the village children we bring out, one child stands out among the rest. She is a 10 year old girl by the name of Jong.

Back in March, was the first time we came to know Jong and we brought Jong together with 80 children for a simple 2 day excursion but it means a whole world to this little girl. The simple gesture of love showered by the volunteer meant the world to her.

This is an extract of what Jong wrote to the volunteer : "Pii Ning, do you remember Jong ? Jong misses you very very much. Do you miss Jong ? When will you be coming back ? "

This month we organised another mass outing as part of RADION's outreach program. Jong turned up and was paired with another Singaporean volunteer. When the volunteer was about toleave, Jong made a gift for this volunteer telling her how much it meant to her.

Now, Jong came from a single parented family with hardly enough to eat every day, and with what she had, she made an elaborate gift for the volunteer. To the volunteer it would be just a small gift, but to Jong she probably had to skip meals just to save enough money to make that gift.

How do you out give ?

What next?

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