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A Broken House  


Today is the third day where the campus crusade team has partnered us in our outreach efforts to the village.

Of the homes we visited today, one of them belonged to a lady who has 6 children. The oldest child was just 14 years old when he was involved in glue sniffing. This boy started borrowing money to feed his glue sniffing habit and when he was unable to repay the loan, his creditor took a long knife and slashed him at his home. He was caught shortly after and his throat was slit.

This mother now lives with her remaining children in an straw house with a damaged roof. All her children cuddle under a 2m X 2m plastic sheet to shelter from the rain.

RADION is looking at ways which we can assist her and her children on a sustained basis.

Amendment :
After the home visit we clarified that the boy's name is tuah and it was not because of a repayment issue. Instead it was another glue sniffing gang member who came over asking for a loan. When he did not have money to give him, the drug addict slashed him

What next?

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