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Hmong : Nong Khai  


We visited some Hmong Lao refugees residing in Nong Khai and did a needs assessment in that area.

These are the details.

-155 Refugees. All are holders of a valid UNHCR refugee status certificate.
-Males and females are separately housed in 2 rooms. Each measuring only 9mX9m.
-Rooms are overcrowded with no proper sleeping area.
-Locked up for 22 hours each day with 2 hours of exercise time.
-Managed the same way as illegal immigrants.
-Have been awaiting news of repatriation for almost 2 years.

Needs :
- Food (Both adults and children are given the same portion of food which is hardly enough)
- Children lack education
- Children above 1 and below ages of 2 have no access to semi-solid food.

We are planning to seek governmental approval to provide food augmentation as well as improve living conditions by providing education programs for both adults and children.*

*Subjected to governmental approval.

What next?

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