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Making Sense In Giving  


Yes. We have all heard these saying all too often. Let’s re-look at some of these sayings and examine its sense. Let me give a few common queries and examples:

1 ) "What can a few bucks do to help the less fortunate? Since I cannot donate much, then I rather not give."

So let me break it down in numbers so we can all visualise.

SGD 10 Bucks can do the following :
- Buy a packet of milk powder ( One packet can feed some 50 hungry children or
- 2 warm blankets for the refugees or
- 23 packets of food.

Now, to a mother in a refugee camp who has a hungry child crying on the floor your 10 bucks tides the child though one month. This critical one month can mean life or death to that child.

2 ) "I want to make sure my money goes only to buying MILK and nothing else."

Sure we can do that. But again, if we are restricted to buy only milk and have no funds for our supporting logistics ie (Fuel for the trucks). It would still not be possible to bring these packets of milk up to the refugee camp.

I'm thankful that most of our donors have given with such trust and told us "Eugene, just use it in any way that the refugees will benefit from it.

3 ) “How do I know that it’s a genuine outreach and not a spoof ?”
My answer is simple.

“Fly up to Chiang Mai. Meet me in person and journey up with me to the refugee camp. After that you can decide if this is all a spoof”

What next?

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