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Growing refugee population  


Just on our previous trip, the leader of Zone E surprised us when he asked for more blankets.

At first we though that our census figures were incorrect, but after doing some checks, it was correct. At least for the last couple of days !

The leader and the military informed us that every other week there are new families. And to complicate matters, a baby born in the camp every 2 days.

With the ever increasing demand for blankets, it is not only challenging but also ineffective to "chase these needs". What I've done instead is to buy 100 more blankets, this would be distributed to the refugees equally. Just to tide these people through the cold season.

I'm thinking it would be only effective to run a blanket mission once every year over the Aug-Sep, just before the cold season. Let me know what you guys think !

p/s : Blankets will be brought up this weekend with 8 of our volunteers. Pray with us and standby for more pictures when I get back !

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