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Fund Raising Trip... So What Did We Do ?  


From 17-19 Oct, the volunteers arrived and assisted with the packing of blankets and warm clothings. Of course this was not all without fun !

On 19 Oct, we loaded the remaining 600+ blankets and made the push to Phetchabun with 3 trucks and a team of 17 people.

Left : Our logistics and preparation for the MILK! mission

Bottom : Children running up in anticipation of the food they'll receive

When we arrived in the refugee camp, the children were already crowding in the hundreds around the exit. Each hoping to be the first to reach us for the milk & biscuits.

Its a tearful scene when you see the children are allowed to come out.. Many children started running towards the shed which we have prepared the food.

Top : A scene of the children queuing and surging forward to receive the rations.

On that special day, 1000+ children from Zone B, D & G were given milk and food. (Numbers closer to 1400 as some hungry children from other groups sneaked out too ! In hope of getting the milk from us)

Just as we were about to leave, we were informed that the nights are turning extremely cold and our blankets arrived just in time !

It may not be much, but at least we know that each family in the refugee camp has at least a blanket to see them through the cold.

Bottom : Going back with a hope

What next?

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