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Commiting further....  


After working with the Hmong refugees for 3 months, I see a huge amount of needs. Needs which cannot be fulfilled by just a one off relief effort or even a 3 month stint. To make a significant impact, it demands regular and consistent commitment.

I had given much thought to this issue and I decided to commit further and give up the prospect of having a cushy well paid job.

This is my plan. I'm starting a commercial company to allow us to do the following :

1 ) Organise talks and volunteer events to bring continual awareness for these Hmong refugees
2 ) The company will be operated with minimal overheads (like a non-profit) so more can go into helping the Hmong people.
3 ) Allows us to seek corporate sponsors to collaborate with us in helping these people.

Now, this is a huge step for me and foolishness for many, but maybe through my small ways I can make an exponential impact and difference to the lives of these people !

(Picture taken with leaders of Hmong refugee camp, I'm on the extreme left)

What next?

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