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Update On John's Brother  


John's brother was admitted to Khao Khor hospital with a high fever and he was bleeding profusely through his nose.

Upon arrival, it was most disappointing. The doctor on duty was not around and the nurses were terribly rude. One of the nurses asked him, "What are you feeling" and this young man would only muster a inaudible sound as he was having a high fever and having blood choking back in his throat he was unable to talk.

The nurses retorted "Can't you even speak up ?, are you mentaly disabled or what ?"

My medical staff rebuked the nurses telling them that the patient cannot speak clearly because of bleeding. She also relayed my concern to the nurses that it maybe dengue and requested for a them to run proper tests.

This was probably the most disturbing behavior we received from government hospitals which are normally of excellent standards.

Anyway, the boy was admitted to hospital and some blood test were ran. He was diagnosed with dengue fever. He is now out of the red and recovering as we speak.

Thanks for keeping him in your prayers.

What next?

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