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STK : Tao For Sponsorship  


We first met Tao during our mass educational outing sometime back last year. We remembered her well as she stood out from the rest of the girls - She got into a fight with our boys on our streetkids boys.

Tao's father was part of a drug trafficking circle and was caught and imprisoned many years back, leaving Tao without a fatherly figure. Tao grew up to be quite a rebel and the mom could no longer control her.

Few months back, Faa (a child on the streetkids program) informed us that Tao was getting into bad company and she has started loosing interest in her studies. Many days, she would play truant just to hang out with her delinquent friends.

Her mother got seriously worried when she heard that her friends are also connected to glue sniffers and her main concern is that Tao may be taken advantaged or even raped by these gangs (which occurs frequently here)

Tao was placed on the high risk children's category in our streetkids program and has been showing positive signs of improvement in our program. She has passed the probabtion phase and is ready to accept a sponsor.

Sponsorship cost SGD96/month and it provides her with a shelter and everything she needs to go through school.

If you would like to sponsor Tao, please email me at eugene@radion-international.org

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