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Bad News  


Our sturdy Mitsubishi L200 was our first vehicle donated by supporters.
It cost just under SGD5,000 and has lasted us for almost 2 years.
It has accompanied us on humanitarian operations, used to ferry children to school, carry pigs....etc etc. Everything that the ministry ever needed.

2 months back, an unfortunate incident happened. Our car was parked at the children's home and when my staff started the engine. It refused to start, so we did a check. The batteries are fine but the truck just refused to start.

A mechanic was called in and he did a couple of checks before opening up the engine belt compartment. To our horror, we found a dead rat dangling by its mangled skin in the compartment.

The whole compartment was splattered with blood and organs. The mechanic told us that it was a common sight in the village as rats are known to find cozy places to sleep at nights.

So here are some pictures of what happened.

After checks and repairs, we were told that the truck was only good for another 20,000-30,000km before we have to scrape it. (Below : when engine is started radiator turns into a fountain)

The streetkids! work requires a truck to send the children to school. A 2nd hand truck will cost roughly 10,000SGD. If you would like to sponsor a truck, please contact me at eugene@radion-international.org

What next?

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