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Update : Deperate Hmong Lao Threatening Suicide  


A report was received this morning informing us that the Thai government officials had decided to deport all 158 refugees in Nong Khai and no resettlement (to 3rd countries) will be granted for these Hmong Lao refugees.

All 158 refugees have been issued with UNHCR refugee certificates and have been held up in the immigration detention center indefinitely without any hope of being repatriated. They have been locked up for the last 2 years in less than humane conditions.

Our source also informed us that the authorities told them that the only way to be relocated would be to return to Laos first and applying to be resettled.

Right now, the refugees are in a desperate and emotional state. Many have threatened mass suicide if the deportation happens. They claim that if they are forcibly deported back to Laos, they will be tortured to death.

What next?

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