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STK Showdown  


Today we finally had our cooking competition between the girls and the boys on the streetkids program. Its a simple competition meant to add some hype to their daily routine and more importantly 2 things :
1 ) Teach them to appreciate the ones who prepare their meals, silently working behind the scenes
2 ) Teach them to manage funds (each team is given a budget of 50bht) whoever saves the most wins :)

The boys went out into the jungle to collect the banana flower as their main ingredient and came up with a fried banana flower dish (tasted something like instant noodle flavouring + goreng pisang)

The girls came up with a more traditional dish of stir fried vegetables with deep fried pork, which tasted quite decent as well.

The winner ? Surprisingly the BOYS ! (Rated by my 2 thai staff and ben)

What next?

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