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Mouse Hunt...  


Just this morning, I shifted my humid office from the top level to the cooler basement . The basement serves as our medical and dried rations store and its cool all year round :)

As i shifted my stuff down, i noticed traces of paper bit all over the place and there was only one conclusion..... RATS

Its not the first time rats have attacked the store and so i started to check all the medical supplies and when i opened the lower cabinates, i was taken aback.... all our medical gloves, masks and supplies have been bitten through. The plastics game cones were bitten through as well. Thats few thousand baht lost to these rodents.

So me and ben started to clean up the mess when we heard shuffling behind the cabinets and a big rat ran out as we probed the mess with a stick..

Yes... it took almost 2 hours for the whole clean up... and to kill the rats....

These are the culprits..... 1 momma rat and 3 smaller ones...

What next?

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