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Photography Coverage By Mr Colin Tan  


Hmong Refugees In Site X -Photography By Mr Colin Tan

A child... born into a desperate world

Life where hope is scarce

Anticipation Of MILK! Mission

Little refugee girl stands aside to watch

MILK! Mission At Site X

Medical Screening For Refugee Children

Census Of Refugee Population

Mr Colin Tan is a talented self taught professional photographer with a big heart to reach the needy. Last month, he made his debut visit to RADION International and sponsoring a full photo coverage of RADION’s first ever humanitarian relief mission to Site X.

After a heart warming visit to both Site X as well as the Streetkids! Ministry in Phetchabun, he has generously pledged 10% of all his future photography contracts to the RADION Outreach Fund.

To see his portfolios, please see : http://www.colinsphotograffi.com/

RADION's Streetkids! Ministry at Phetchabun By Mr Colin Tan

Streetkids! Together

Going To School

What next?

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