CS300 : Your Support Means The World To Them


All packed and ready to go.  


Its a long week for me with everyday packed with meetings and appointments. Many nights I would be out till past midnight before getting home. Though all these meetings, it has encouraged me to know many people still have a great heart for the less fortunate. For those i was not able to meet up, my sincere apologies. Will promise to make time the next time round.

For the team, we faced an uncertain week with many points where we were close to calling the trip off in view of the political crisis in Thailand. After a risk assessment being done by RADION, the team has finally decided to push ahead with plans. The team will be launching tomorrow morning and should be reaching Phetchabun for a 7 day outreach before moving down to Site X for our signature MILK! Mission.

Ben has also just completed an outreach at Nong Khai IDC last week. Standby for more details.

I'll blog again once i get to the village !

What next?

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