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Shophouse : Fishing At The River  


Today we brought the village kids out to a nearby river to catch fish. Slight more than half of the children you see here comes from a problematic family. Alcoholic father, abandoned kids, father in prison, mother ran away.... etc etc

When I brought the kids out, they asked me "Pii (Brother) Eugene, why do you like bringing us kids out ?" I thought for a moment and told them.... "Because I'm still a kid. Just like you and me, but in a bigger case"

You can believe how excited these kids are when the first boy caught a fish....crabs came into the tub as well !

I saw this little boy who sat aside and did not play with the rest. So I sat next to this boy and just talked to him. He started to confide in me that his father died and mother remarried. Since than no one cared for him, the teachers in the school did not bother about him. So he left school.

Thinking through and told him to come to Shophouse when you have problems and talk to us about it and we'll provide a listening ear. If he feels no one cares for him and he has nothing to eat, come find us, eat together with us. We'll care for him. :)

His eyes just welled with tears.

What next?

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