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Hmong : We are in !  


Today was an absolute miracle despite the frequent changes.

Just some days back the military called to invite us back to the refugee camp and yesterday they called again. Telling us that they have not received news from Phitsanulok office, as such they are not certain if we can enter the refugee camp.

Today, we drove to the refugee camp as scheduled and spoke to the military. After almost 1 hour of waiting, we were allowed into the camp to conduct our humanitarian relief programs.

The campus crusade team performed a skit about broken lives and in one of our outreaches, people started sobbing. We prayed for these people and this is what one lady said

"I have never had a happy life. Since I was born, I was in the jungle. We had nothing, even filling our stomachs every day was difficult. No one helped us. When we sought refuge in Thailand and out of the jungles but yet something was still lacking in my life. We still did not have enough food, and we struggle through each day with an unfilled stomach. No one loves me. Can Radion please help us ?"

The whole team broke into tears as we hugged these tearful people and prayed for them. A total of 60 odd people came up to be prayed for.

What next?

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