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Addition Of New Staff  


Just a lighter update after all the deportation frenzy.

RADION Shophouse! is up. For those who are not updated. SHOPHOUSE! is a social enterprise project in Thailand targeted at giving destitute and abused womenfolk with basic work-skill/life-skill training.

The story of my staff (Nickname : "Neet")
Neet comes from a very poor family and at a young tender age, she was sold to man who slept around and abused her.

Neet tried to run back home to her mother, but only to find her mother a drug addict.
The mother subsequently died of overdose and without anyone to take care of her, she engaged in another marriage hoping that the new man will provide for her, instead he turned out to be an alcoholic and beats her. She lives in fear with her 2 children daily.

Last week we took her in and told her that we believe that God loves her and we love her.

Now she is happily undergoing work-skill training to become a full fledged staff.

That is what my work here is about. Its about giving people a second chance.

You think you had it bad ? Think again.

What next?

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