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A lady worth mentioning  


With all the ups and downs doing this work, its just not easy.... But one of the source of my encouragement is from a lady named Lee Wah.

In our initial phases of our work, people knew little about us as such credibility was an issue. It was difficult for us to do anything but this lady was one of the very first few from Jubilee that came forward and believed in us. Many times as I looked back at our work, I cannot help but think how would we have gone this far without the help of the people like Lee Wah.

More then just giving, this lady gave of her savings. She does not draw a huge pay packet, but from what little she had, she gave so freely to the people who had greater need.

In fact when I spoke to her, her simple and genuine words just warmed my heart. She shared that from her pay most of it goes into supporting people and meaningful works.

I do not know about you, but people like that inspires me(so much that I broken a policy to launch a FRT despite the lack of numbers *grinz*) but I think its only right for her to see the people she has blessed.

She's the lady 2nd from the right with her husband next to her

What next?

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