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Fund Raising - Medical Kits  


Dear friends and sponsors,

I'm going to make a bold request.

In view of the possible up-tempo of the deportation of the Hmong refugee back to Laos this year, I'm bringing forward our PROJECT FIRSTAID! to this month.

What this entails is equipping each of the 7 refugee groups each with an advance first aid kit and 1 smaller first aid kit to every 100 people.

This is the full breakdown :
7 X Zone Leader First Aid Kits (+ 1 Demo Set for training)
80 X Section Leader First Aid Kits

I'll head down to Phitsanulok tomorrow to obtain the lowest price but estimates is as follows :

Full Zone Leader Medical Kits - SGD 150 X 8 = SGD1200
*This kit will attend to the casualties and medical emergencies

Section Leader First Aid Kits - SGD 50 X 80 = SGD4000
*This kit will attend to general injuries

Total Cost = SGD $5200

I am hoping to deliver these kits by the end of March. Please help spread the message.

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