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Unconvicing Story  


This morning, I left Chiang Mai for Phetchabun with some 50 cartons of donated rice noodles.

Driving single-handedly made the journey both challenging and exciting (as I'm bad with roads). Above that, it was a short 15min stop which made my day.

Basically, I was driving through a police road block and this conversation started :

Policeman : Where are you headed ?
Eugene : Phetchabun
Policemen : What is at the back of your truck ?
Eugene : Cartons of noodles
Policeman : Where are you from ?
Eugene : Singapore

The next thing I knew, my driving license and ID was confiscated and I was "ushered" to the side of the road with 4 armed policemen directing me to step out of my truck.

After checking my truck for some 15mins for concealed drugs, they were satisfied that it was really rice noodles and off I went.

As I looked back, it was really comical ! Definitely not a convincing story for a Singaporean to be driving noodles around Thailand!

What next?

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