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Impractical as it seems  


You know, its so easy to make a difference but so difficult to convince others.

For me, relatives and loved ones sometimes are the greatest discouragement when you want to do something meaningful. They will come up and tell you how "impractical" these dream are and 1001 reasons why they will not sustain.

In fact, they are right. Its impractical and may not be sustainable. But through impractical dreams, we brought the following :

1600 blankets. 4000kg of reliefs. 7000 cups of milk.

Yes, people laugh at 2 silly young man trying to change the world. Yes its upsetting, but if i stop in my tracks in discouragement who is going to bring blankets to the cold and milk to hungry children ?

Will the practical people take my place and do it ?

Let my impracticality and dreams make a difference to the ones who matter most- The little ones who are on the receiving end.

What next?

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