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FRT Jan 2008 – The Next Step  


We look to 2008 with both reluctance and anticipation. With confirm reports of these Hmong Lao being earmarked to be deported back, it is a painful year for RADION. But no man is a master of time, I guess we just have to look toward 2008 hoping to make a continual difference in these people’s lives.

In 2008, we need your continual support to make that difference. In fact, we aim to bring our MILK! Mission to the refugees every week but this of course subjected to funding.

This will be the very first 4D3N Fund Raising Trip (Project – The Next Step) in the year 2008. In each of these trips, we aim to raise funds (MILK!) by involving like-minded individuals to come alongside us to make a personal difference in the lives of these people. Please contact us if you can make the time.

eugene@RADION-International.org or Ben@RADION-International.org

Details as follows :

Project : The Next Step
: 25-28 Jan 08

: MILK! Mission and entertainment for 1000 children

Cost : SGD$900/pax (Some SGD$200/pax will be channeled to the refugee outreach effort)

*As we fly by budget airlines, the earlier you book, the more funds we can channel to helping these people.

Come alongside us, feel our heartbeat, see our tears. You’ll understand why 2 young men gave up their common day jobs to commit themselves to an uncommon dream to bring hope to the hopeless.

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