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What will i give to someone who has one year to live ?  


Many people have asked me. "Eugene, if these Hmong Lao are returning back to Laos in 1 year and they will be eventually killed. Why are you still helping them ?"

Now my reply has always been such "If you have a loved one that has a terminal illness and have only 1 year to live, would you stop providing and caring for them ?"

In fact with each shortening minute, I find it more and more pressing to bring relief to these people. In my first few blogs, i wrote "...at least let me pray and walk this last mile with them" and i intend to do so ! http://newlifeoutreach.blogspot.com/2007/08/why-petchaboon.html
This year's Christmas would probably be their last and after which they will return to a life filled with uncertainty and death.

This challenge I pose to my readers. "Come join hands with me and walk this last mile together with these Hmong people for their last Christmas."

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