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Fond Memories  


What a privilege to have been part of RADION for the last 2 years ! As sat at my desk reminiscing both the ups and downs of RADION, it brought back bitter sweet memories.

It has been such a harsh but beautiful 2 years. Yes pains and disappointments are plentiful but as I look at the lives that have been touched. The negatives just seem to pale in comparison to the joy of being able to help and give the simple measure of hope to that someone.

Memories of refugee leaders breaking into tears as blankets were given to them...
Memories of refugees rushing up and kneeling down to be prayed for....
Memories of that elderly later who held my hand so tightly during a routine home visit (she passed on during the cold snap disaster)...
Memories of hopeful children as they got their first chance to see the sea.

What a privilege to be able to make that journey of faith and walk through that season with these people ! I can't wait to get back !

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