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A Collaboration In Place ?  


As of now, we are looking towards a collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and provincial governors on how we can go about helping communities in need as well as the Hmong refugees/asylum seekers (ie those who have just arrived in Thailand and have yet to receive any UNHCR papers.)

Main points of emphasis :
1 ) Our regular humanitarian missions are non-political by nature and we have aided both refugees and Thai citizens alike.
2 ) RADION is fully inaugerated as a Thai Charity and has been providing aid (medical, relief and support) to communities since 2007.

Credentials :
Jan 2009
RADION responded to the government's declaration for cold disaster and
responded with providing some 500 warm blankets and relief to affected areas and communities.

Since Jan 2008
RADION (Streetkids! Project) has provided housing and assistance to children involved in substance abuse and from high risk families.

RADION provided jobs to abused womenfolk and destitute communities though our community development projects.

Since June 2008
RADION has provided humanitarian assistance to the Hmong Lao refugees in Nong Khai Immigration Detention Centre

RADION provided translation staff to MSF in support of medical operations in Huay Nam Khao camp

July 2007 - Jan 2008
RADION has provided humanitarian assistance (medical, food & relief) in Huay Nam Khao refugee camp.

Oct 2007 - Nov 2007
RADION assisted in an unexpected cold in Huay Nam Khao refugee camp by providing 1500 blankets to needy families.

What next?

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