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STK Outing : Splashing Good Time  


We have just completed our songkran 2009 streetkids outing. The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly.... with the highlight being the last day where they went to a water park where they had unlimited plays on the big slides (similar to the old big splash).

For those who have missed this.... you just have to wait for next year *grinz*

This is what we did for the 6 days.

Day 1 :
The children embarked on a 8 hour journey to reach bangkok airport. This is the first time they ever seen an airplane, and they were getting so excited that ben had to get them to sit down when the truck was moving.

This was also the first day where they learn how to use a cash card to purchase food at the food courts.

Day 2 :
This was the very first time in the children's lives that they see the blue seas for themselves. Many commented how delicious the water was... as it was salty *grinz*

They played for the entire morning in the waters and even had a go on the speedboat and riding on the banana boat which they went into a frenzy.

Later in the day, we visited the underwater world where the children came up close and personal with the marine life... touchponds, sharks, big fishes, eels..... etc etc

Day 3 :
On the 3rd day, the kids took a ferry for the first time, getting so excited. But the excitement did not last for too long as they soon got motion sickness :)

Again the motion sickness wore out when they arrived at the island where they got to play on white sandy beaches and got smoulded with white powder from the party goers.

Day 4 :
On the 4th day, we attempted to head out to the crocodile farm, however was caught in a massive jam for more than 2 hours (on a 200m stretch of road)... before we finally gave up and turned around.

The children were happy returning back to the resort and spending some 5 hours soaking in the swimming pool (till their palms turned wrinkly and white)

Day 5 :
We got the kids up early that morning to bring them to crocodile farm and stone park. This place was more like a zoo where there were also tigers, elephants and rare birds. The kids were all running around the enclosures and trying to tease the crocodiles.....

The final highlight was the pattaya water park where they spent the entire afternoon playing on the water slides....agian and again... and again... and again..... it was simply amazing how kids can be so entertained by such simple things for so long.

Day 6 :
A final day of good byes to our volunteers before heading back to Phetchabun. The entire team reached safely at 10pm back in the village

*more pictures will follow once i get an CF card reader :)

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