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Blogging At Airport  


After a nice 3 weeks in Singapore, I'm now again on my way back to Thailand. These 3 weeks has been a great time for me, a time for me to recuperate(from my strained back from Project LIVES) and a time to meet the groups which i've not managed to meet up the last few rounds.

Anyway, now I'm stuck in the depature lounge waiting for my badly delayed flight to finally decide to take off.... budget airlines and it quirks with the entire check in system crashing just before i managed to get my tickets.

Once i touch down I'll be joined by ben and the gang to bring the streetkids to Pattaya for a splashing good time - Songkran (Thai new year celebrated by splashing water unwary strangers *grin*) All the streetkids for the first time will get to visit bangkok & pattaya as part of their educational exposure programe :)

Looking ahead, today will be a day of travelling and fun with more than 20 people in tow. From the STK children to the staff to the volunteers, its going to be exciting bringing those kiddos to see the vast blue sea for the first time.

So I'll continue blogging after I get back to Phetchabun from Pattaya. :)

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