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Priorities For 2010  


After much deliberation and prayer, the management committee will be driving our outreach activities towards the following :

1 ) Strengthen programming amongst the StreetKIDS!
Over the past 2 years, we've had a high success rehabilitating children from substance abuse (glue-sniffing) backgrounds. The success rate stands at 80% which is already a feat with the little the resources we have.
But real challenges still remain outside the walls of our shelter, drug dealers, gang leaders and poor influence from families usually interfere with our work and result in some children to prematurely give up and leave the programme.

This year, we're planning to employ professional psychologist and counselors to help direct our programming to not only better understand these influences but also teach the children to overcome the temptation to go back into their old lives.

This year, we need to commit more effort to look into small details in our children's lives to we can bring about a greater sustained change.

2) Capacity Building Amongst Staff
Currently, RADION is operated by 2 groups of staff. The first professionals and second group are destitute womenfolk or victim who have suffered abuse from their husbands and are in need of assistance.

For the first group, we're planning to employ 6 more staff to bring our staff base to 12 to balance out the heavy workload and enable the rest to focus on direct assistance outreaches.
The second group, we're hoping to bring in more professional assistance to help these ladies regain their footing through basic counseling to starting up of support groups. This programming allows for greater community support amongst this highly marginalised group.

3 ) Regaining Of Supporters/Blog Readers/Corporate Sponsors
In 2009, we have done much groundwork by providing food & free medical aid to more than 2500 people and gave basic necessities such as toothbrush and toothpaste to more than a thousand needy children.

Ahead in 2010, we hope to follow-on with our groundwork by focusing on the ones that need help the most and give them that simple glimmer of hope to live on.

2010 is a challenging year and we'll need to raise approximately SGD20,000(approx USD15,000) each month for operations. I ask each and every one of our sponsors, friends and partners to prayerfully consider supporting our work financially for the next one year. My personal commitment to you is that every single cent will be invested into lives and mending broken dreams.

Come alongside us. Sign up for Core Support !

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